You want to create buzz, be innovative and find new partners?

With BANKATHONx you can do all of that!



The Bankathon is Germany’s first Fintech Hackathon. Within a very short time, the finleap connect team has found a formula for organising a successful event platform that fosters innovation, used by banks and Fintech companies alike. So far, more than 600 developers have participated at the events in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague and Vienna and 75 partners as well as numerous supporters have gained valuable insights into new Fintech and banking trends.

Organising a hackathon is a challenging task. It requires a lot of resources, expertise and – most importantly – the necessary network. With BANKATHONx you have access to all of this: to our vast ecosystem as well as to our ability to create a unique hackathon experience.

Host your own BANKATHONx and benefit from the Bankathon brand and network.

Benefits of hosting a BANKATHONx

Get exposure for your company and brand!

Profit from the Bankathon brand and our expertise

Discover and connect with new partners and collaborators for your business!

Position yourself as a strong innovator, open player and leading technology provider!

Access our massive and growing developer community!

Promote yourself as an attractive employer!

Requirements for hosting a BANKATHONx

Three simple steps

1. Determine the goals for your own BANKATHONx. If you are unsure, we will gladly advise you.

2. Designate one person that is responsible for organising the BANKATHONx together with us.

3. Ensure a minimum of eight weeks preparation time, the more time we have, the better.

… yes, that really is all you need for your BANKATHONx!

How it works

finleap connect takes care of

  • Designing and developing the event based on your goals.
  • Recruiting participants and API partners.
  • Advising you on any questions that may arise.
  • Moderating the event together with you.

You are in charge of

  • Choosing location and catering (or provide your own).
  • Communicating with service providers.
  • Organising logistics and details on-site.
  • Moderating the event together with finleap connect.

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