27th – 29th August 2018

in Frankfurt

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When & Where?









27th – 29th August 2018



Platz der Einheit 2, 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Please note: The Final Pitches on 29th August will be held at Kap Europa, which is very close to the TechQuartier.

Event Schedule

Monday, 27th August 
4.30 p.m.: Registration
5.00 p.m.: Start, Welcome speech, Introduction of APIs
7.00 p.m.: Networking
Tuesday, 28th August 
8.00 a.m.: Breakfast
9.00 a.m.: Coding starts
1.00 p.m.: Lunch
3.00 p.m.: Coffee & Cake
6.30 p.m.: Dinner
Code through the night!
Wednesday, 29th August 
TechQuartier & Kap Europa
8.00 a.m.: Breakfast
1.00 p.m.: Lunch
3.00 p.m.: Coding stops, Coffee & Cake

5.00 p.m.: Final Pitches as part of „Banking Summit“ – at Kap Europa!

Note: The schedule is subject to change. Please be aware that you can stay overnight during the night of 28th – 29th August, however, it will not be possible during the night of 27th – 28th August!

Our partner in Frankfurt

“Banking Summit”

Bankathon is partnerning with Handelsblatt conference “Banking Summit”. This event takes place on 29th and 30th August in the convention center Kap Europa, which is close to the Bankathon venue.

The conference’s topic is how banks can respond to major changes in the industry, among these are Brexit, AI and Blockchain. figo CEO André M. Bajorat will speak with selected Bankathon participants on stage during the conference.