Join us for Bankathon #8!

Bankathon is a network of innovative people in the financial service industry. Our unique community unites during the Bankathon events and kickstarts new products.

People in Bankathon network

Events hosted


Participants ...

... from different nations

Bankathon is not just a normal FinTech Hackathon


Bankathon is a symbol for a new mindset and is catalysing the open-up movement in banking.

Strong collaborations

Bankathon brings together innovators and incumbents on an eye level and provides a fertile soil for new cooperations.

Unique developer crowd

The Bankathon network consists of friendly hackers who want to push the industry ahead. No room for nonsense or bullsh**.

What does it mean to be part of Bankathon?

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Bankathon fascinates all our guests

“For us, the Bankathon is an inspiring technology forum. The teams are working on completely new concepts and services and we are eager to follow up on the best ideas for our business”

Michael Koch

Deutsche Bank

“We developed our prototype at the first Bankathon. We are in love with the event and are looking forward to winning it again.” Christopher Becker


“One hundred passionate programmers unleashing loads of creativity and fine skills – celebrating teamwork and devotion to FinTech.” Prof. Andreas Hackethal

Goethe University Frankfurt

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